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New Album coming soon!

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I'm so excited to be able to tell you that the album has been recorded. All that is left now is to wait for the CDs to arrive. I will be making them available as soon as I have them. The official release date for iTunes, streaming etc is May 31. I will let you know where you can get yourself a copy on my next post.

I also wanted to feature one of the band members for The North Border Band. He's been playing with the band for the last 10 years and hasn't missed a beat. "Rockin Ron" Hiebert , dedicated to the craft as the day is long. This picture was painted by the very talented Ruth Hiebert. Hope to see you all at our concerts this summer. See the schedule link above for our upcoming shows.




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Ken Nelson is a genuine first class act musician and a great friend of mine! Hailing from Winnipeg, Ken has been playing professionally since 1974 and has performed extensively throughout western Canada. Some of his previous gigs have included working with the The Rick Morgenstern Show for five years, playing for Wilf Carter "WOW", backing up Freddie Fender and opening for Janie Frickie. Ken's been providing the steel guitar work for my band for the last few years and I have to say it's such a pleasure working with this guy. He's also providing some of the steel guitar licks in the new album. In addition to the steel guitar, listen for his fine Dobro instrumentation in the song Trucker Sue (on the new album). Incidentally, he only recently purchased the Dobro and plays it like a pro.




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Music brings a lot of people together. Even though these days you can swap files and send them via drop box and email. It's still a highlight when you can all sit down in a garage after a hard day at work and hammer out a few tunes with some great friends. I've had the privilege of working with many amazing people over the years. Too many to mention here. However, given that I'm talking about my album... I will mention two of them by name. Mike Hiebert and Ed Friesen. Both these fine boys have provided a strong drum beat on many a gig. As of the last two years Ed has been there for me on most of the gigs I play. His ability to contain the tempo, feel the song and handle the sticks is what makes Ed such an amazing drummer. I've learned much from him over the years. Mike has been drumming and teaching drumming for many years. In fact my daughter is one of his students and she loves working with him. Mike has also provide me with many a solid session in the past. Love working with these "Bandits"! So what does all this have to do with my album...well I am so proud to say that both Ed Friesen and Mike Hiebert are on this album! Look at these fine drummer boys!

Check out Mike Hiebert Drum Lessons



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Just finished a recording session with Jeff Janzen. What a gem. He put down some amazing baritone guitar licks. He does it with such ease and humility. Such a pleasure to work with this guy. Thanks Jeff.


Click HERE to listen to a small clip of his amazing guitar break!


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It's been such a privilege to have worked with so many amazing artists. As I'd mentioned earlier on this particular album I've enlisted a few hired guns to provide some of the musical backdrop. Brent Mason (Session guitarist from Nashville), Raymond Klassen (High Valley dobro player), Brent Thorvaldson (Fiddle player from Winnipeg, Manitoba), Larry Abrams (Guitar player from The Color), Lyonel Penner (Steel Guitar player from Steinback Manitoba), Mark Fehr (Mandolin player and recording engineer at Howler Studio) and also of course the boys in my band as well. Tonight Mark and I are laying down some of my guitar tracks. It might get loud!



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Wow, it's already been two months of recording, editing and sending wav files back and forth between musicians and the studio. I must say it has been an incredible honour to work with each one of them. In addition to having my band play on this album, I've also hired a number of other musicians to provide the backdrop the the songs. At this current time, providing I don't change my mind again... ha ha, we will likely have 10 songs on the album. I'm so excited about this album because it's been such a joy to see it come together. Sinse a number of you have asked, I'd say that at present the project is about 1/2 done. I'm shooting for sometime in mid May for a release. But as always, I may need to change that date as well ... all depending on the progress. Thanks to all the musicians! Your a hoot to work with.


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